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Bulletin Issue 42 – January 2001

THE FOCUS OF THIS ISSUE: hydroelectric dams

For many years, local peoples and environmentalists have been opposing large dams due to the severe social and environmental impacts they entail. Since its creation, the WRM has been an active participant in the fight against dams, and included them as a major cause of forest loss already in its 1989 “Penang Declaration.” During the past years, we have been trying to assist local peoples’ struggles against dams and reflecting them in almost every issue of our bulletin ( all available at ). We have now decided to dedicate an entire bulletin to this problem, with the aim of sharing information to enhance opposition to this destructive activity at a moment when, on the one hand, the World Commission on Dams has produced an extensive report detailing the damaging effect of large dams, and, on the other hand, when organizations worldwide are preparing an “International Day of Action against Dams and for Rivers, Water and Life”, to take place on March 14. We hope the bulletin will contribute to increase awareness and solidarity with the struggle.


  • Dams, forests and people
    Dams, forests and people

    When asked to name different causes of deforestation, few people will mention hydroelectric dams as being one of them. Even fewer will include them as a cause of human rights
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