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Bulletin Issue 48 – July 2001

Fourth Anniversary of the WRM Bulletin

This issue of the WRM bulletin marks its fourth anniversary. During these four years we have tried to reflect the struggles and aspirations of the millions people who are trying to protect forests against the forces that destroy them. At the same time, we have tried to shed some light on the global processes and actors whose decisions and actions may impact local communities and their forests and have tried to influence them positively.

It is not for us to say whether we have been successful or not in fulfilling those aims. What we can however say, is that the bulletin would have not been the same without the active participation and assistance from the numerous people and organizations who have provided us with highly useful information, articles, comments, suggestions and analysis. Additionally, the same and other people and organizations have further disseminated either the entire bulletin or selected articles to their own networks and contacts, thus helping to spread the message to many more people. To all of you, our most sincere thanks!




  • The WRM appeal
    The WRM appeal

    The World Rainforest Movement widely distributed before the meeting of the Conference of the Parties an appeal which was endorsed by more than 180 people and organizations during the first
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  • The indigenous peoples’ bonn declaration.
    The indigenous peoples’ bonn declaration.

    The Third International Forum of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities on Climate Change held on July 14-15 in Bonn produced a declaration (available in full at The following is
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  • The bonn statement on climate change
    The bonn statement on climate change

    This statement, endorsed by a large number of mainly international organizations, was released during the UN climate summit in Bonn (July 16-27) and warned “against a further weakening and distortion
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  • Capturing Carbon: Dilemmas for Forest Peoples
    Capturing Carbon: Dilemmas for Forest Peoples

    Global debates about the role of forests and plantations in climate negotiations have paid little attention to the views of the 300 million or so forest people who inhabit them.
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