World Rainforest Movement

The Bitter Fruit of Oil Palm

Posted on Aug 9, 2001

Given the widely ignored impacts of oil palm plantations and their widespread promotion throughout the tropics, the World Rainforest...

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The carbon shop: planting new problems

Posted on Dec 9, 2000

By Larry Lohmann Even the smallest changes in the earth’s climate have always made a big difference to human societies. When a...

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Undermining the forests. The need to control transnational mining companies: a Canadian case study

Posted on Jan 16, 2000

by Forest Peoples Programme, Philippine Indigenous Peoples Links and the World Rainforest Movement The second in a series of reports on...

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Ten replies to ten lies

Posted on Aug 9, 1999

By Ricardo Carrere, WRM. Planting trees can be very good, but it can also be very bad. It all depends what you’re planting them for, the...

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Pulpwood plantations: a growing problem

Posted on Jun 9, 1999

To millions of people across the world today, the pulp and paper industry is a growing problem. The chipping of native forests to provide...

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Tree Plantations: Impacts and Struggles

Posted on Feb 9, 1999

This book includes a selection of articles published in the World Rainforest Movement’s (WRM) Bulletin on the issue of industrial...

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Pulping the South: Industrial Tree Plantations in the World Paper Economy

Posted on Dec 9, 1996

By Ricardo Carrere and Larry Lohmann This book, commissioned by the World Rainforest Movement at its meeting in Delhi in April 1994, has...

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