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India – WRM information sheet on GE tree research

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WRM information sheets on GE tree research

First posted: 25 November 2009
Last update: August 2014

Forest tree species being manipulated:

  • Rubber tree

Aim of genetic manipulation

  • More rapid growth rate to increase yield

Those carrying out the research:

  • The Rubber Research Institute of India

Involvement with foreign research partners

Those who provide support to research:

Regulatory framework for research and field trials:

  • In 2012, the Federal government gave authorization for field trials
  • It was reported soon after this federal authorization that the state of Kerala wanted to maintain its status as state free of GMOs and Maharashtra formed a commission to study the issue in all its aspects.

Field trials

  • In 2012, field trials were approved by the federal government with GE rubber trees in the states of Kerala and Maharashtra.

Organizations opposing GE trees: