World Rainforest Movement

10th September 2015 is the Global Day of Action against Fake Forests


Dear all

In Durban we will march to protest the expansion of industrial tree plantations that destroy ecosystems and biodiversity, steal community land and resources, and impact on people’s health through the pollution of land, rivers, wetlands, lakes, oceans and the air by the global timber, pellet, pulp and paper industry.

Even if you cannot be in Durban, you can take action in solidarity with the Durban marchers wherever you are, by issuing a statement to the news media, or by sending messages on social media, or even by holding a local protest action!

The CSAP is an event, not an organisation, so please feel free to use the CSAP logo on flyers, placards, banners or tee-shirts to identify your actions.

You can also write an article for the CSAP website blog, or support the CSAP by having your organisation’s logo and info on the supporter webpage.

Please let us know what you would like to do on Thursday 10th September!