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Children coping with evictions of World Bank-financed projects

PeA_childrenAn article from the “Food and Environment Reporting Network” highlights an investigation into the hidden toll of World Bank–financed development projects, which shows how evictions, loss of family income and other hardships associated with dams, roads and other projects can be especially harmful to young people. The case of a 9-year old coping with the trauma of eviction in Indonesia evidences how forced evictions can have long-lasting psychological impacts on children with post-traumatic syndromes. According to the article, studies show that children whose families have been forced to relocate are also at greater risk of disease, hunger and loss of education. Despite World Bank’s public statements on its work in improving education or reducing child mortality, the fact is that the Bank is also increasing its financial support for dams, oil palm plantations and other big-ticket initiatives that are the most likely to displace large numbers of people.

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