World Rainforest Movement

Cuidanderas: Guardians of the Amazon

CUIDANDERAS is a mini-series from the Urgent Action Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean (UAF-LAC). It presents stories of Latin American women defenders who are committed to caring for their territories, healing their bodies, and confronting extractive and racist models. One video shows how the Waorani women – from the province of Orellana, Ecuador – have been fighting to protect their territory in the Amazon and preserve their indigenous culture. For over 60 years, they have been resisting the threats of a petroleum industry that jeopardizes their way of life. Women leaders who belong to the Association of Waorani Women of the Ecuadorian Amazon (AMWAE- Asociación de Mujeres Waorani de la Amazonía Ecuatoriana) talk about what motivates their resistance, demonstrating their amazing power and inexhaustible joy. See the video in Spanish with English subtitles here.