World Rainforest Movement

Declaration from Sena Madureira, Brazil: “We carry forward the spirit of union among peoples, and opposition to capitalism’s “solutions”

From June 15-17, 2018, indigenous peoples and communities that live and work in forests gathered in Sena Madureira, Acre, to denounce the false solutions to environmental and climatic degradation that green capitalism proposes. They denounced projects that buy into the fallacy that it is possible to continue polluting the earth, water and atmosphere in one part of the planet, and “offset” this pollution by conserving forests in another region. In addition to this impossibility, these measures end up harming populations who actually interact with forests in a balanced way. The state of Acre is considered to be a “laboratory” for these “offset” policies, and traditional communities there have been suffering due to these projects.

Read the document drawn up at the meeting in Sena Madureira: