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FSC: Unsustainable Certification of Large Scale Tree Plantations

textThis book includes a selection of articles published in the World Rainforest Movement’s (WRM) Bulletin on the issue of Forest Stewardship Council certification of tree plantations.

The level of detail and analysis varies from article to article due to the bulletin’s character, which aims at being a useful tool both to people and organizations working at the local level and to those who work at the international level. In spite of that, we decided not to omit any article, in the belief that all of them can help to raise awareness on the problems involved.

The authorship of the book is shared by Ricardo Carrere, Chris Lang, Noel Rajesh, Larry Lohmann, Wally Menne and by the numerous people and organizations who sent us relevant information on the issue. The WRM assumes responsibility over the mistakes that might have been made.

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