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Ideas for the political thought of La Via Campesina in the Amazon

Rec_ViaCampesinaThe coordinating team of La Via Campesina in the state of Pará, Brazil, has compiled in a book the political struggles waged over time in the Amazon and the initiatives organized. In addition to a systematized introduction with a focus on ideas about peasant communities and their reincorporation in debates of historical concepts, there is a duel of perspectives with environmental ecological imperialism. These formulations are not merely relevant to the current situation, but form part of the challenges facing the working class in the Amazon region. Over the past decade, all of the possibilities of the neo-developmentalist front have been implemented in the Amazon. The reprimarization of the economy has heightened the contradictions in the region, transforming it into a sacrifice zone. This book redeems the Amazon as a region of struggle, transformed into countless conflicts against capital, as well as disputes of knowledge and power.

The book is available in Portuguese here: