World Rainforest Movement

International appeal to stop violence against the peoples in Colombia

Different national and international movements, organizations and networks condemn and vigorously denounce the systematic and selective murders of comrades from rural and urban organizations in Colombia, without the government or multilateral institutions having done a responsible follow up of the murders and massacres perpetrated. Since March 6, when the first case of COVID-19 in Colombia was reported, more than twenty social leaders have been murdered. We stand in solidarity with and demand justice for all those comrades from various Colombian peoples’ organizations. On top of killings, there are constant threats and attacks against trade union and peoples’ leaders in all regions of this South American country. The appeal also invites to speak out against these developments and carry out actions to verify and investigate the gravity of the peoples’ plight, denouncing and exposing this situation and urging the Colombian government to fulfil its responsibility and commitment to achieve peace in Colombia. Read the appeal in English and Spanish here.