World Rainforest Movement

International declaration in solidarity with the peoples of Honduras in the face of the expansion of African palm plantations in their territories

Rec_ HondurasRepresentatives of organizations from different Latin American countries and of international networks met together in La Ceiba, Honduras, verified from local testimonies the serious situation faced by campesino, indigenous and Garifuna communities due to the voracious advance of monocultures of African palm. They denounce the serious violations of human rights, the dispossession and forced displacement of peoples, the criminalization of the struggle in defence of their territories, and the threats and persecution they have been subjected to for years in favour of business interests, to the clear detriment of collective rights. The Biodiversity Alliance (Alianza por la Biodiversidad), Friends of the Earth – Latin America & Caribbean, World Rainforest Movement, the Latin American Network against Tree Plantations and the Rel-UITA (IUF Latin American Regional), call attention to the seriousness of this situation. We demand that the Honduran government recognize and restore the ancestral territorial rights of Garifuna, indigenous and campesino peoples.

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