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Latin America and EU Trade relationships – Animated video

This video explains how a trade relationship – mainly based on the extraction of raw materials – is contributing to depletion of non-renewable natural resources, global warming and social conflicts.

Civil society organisations have warned repeatedly about the dangers of unbalanced trade relations, and have urged the EU to promote more symmetrical relations contributing to effective respect for human rights while promoting sustainable alternatives to the current economic model.

Organisations: Alianza por la Solidaridad, Act Alianza EU, Cidse, Cifca, Grupo Sur y Oidhaco



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  1. We need to promote a Fair Trade standard for timber production – by smallholders on their own land, growing native species as part of a wider programme of sustainable land management.

    We need to build structures for concerned and affluent individuals and organisations in the developed world to commit to investment over the very long term needed to establish sustainable tree growing enterprises on deforested and degraded areas in order to protect the remaining natural forest and provide a more efficient and sustainable source of valuable timber for both local and export markets.