World Rainforest Movement

Letter to the CBD to ban GM Trees

At its last Conference of the Parties (COP8), the Convention on Biological Diversity adopted a very important Decision in relation to the issue of genetically modified trees and invited everyone “to provide relevant views and information to the Secretariat for inclusion in this assessment”. Given that a number of organizations have produced a joint letter (below) to be sent to the Secretariat providing information and analysis on the issue and calling for a “mandatory decision declaring an immediate ban on the release of GM trees.”

CBD Secretariat
Dear Mr Djoghlaf,

The undersigned wish to express our full support for the COP 8’s Decision VIII/19 (Forest biological diversity: implementation of the programme of work), which “Recommends Parties to take a precautionary approach when addressing the issue of genetically modified trees”.

We also support the reasons for the adoption of the above Decision which states that: “Recognizing the uncertainties related to the potential environmental and socio-economic impacts, including long-term and transboundary impacts, of genetically modified trees on global forest biological diversity, as well as on the livelihoods of indigenous and local communities, and given the absence of reliable data and of capacity in some countries to undertake risk assessments and to evaluate those potential impacts”.

Given that the Decision also “Invites Parties, other Governments and relevant organizations, including indigenous and local communities, as well as relevant stakeholders, to provide relevant views and information to the Secretariat for inclusion in this assessment,” we would like to contribute to this assessment.

A look at the main genetically modified (GM) tree research currently being carried out shows that it is focused on a very narrow range of aims:

– herbicide resistance
– insect resistance
– tree sterility
– lower lignin and higher cellulose content
– resistance to cold, salt or drought
– faster growth

None of the above can be seen as being beneficial to global forest biological diversity, which needs accompanying flora species (impacted by herbicides), insects and related food chains (impacted by insect resistant trees), flowers and seeds (inexistent with tree sterility), wood resistant to strong winds (lower lignin content makes trees weaker), trees and plants adapted to local environments (impacted by alien trees resistant to cold, salt or drought), intact soils and sufficient water (depleted by fast-growing trees) In addition, genetically engineered tree plantations are likely to be developed where biologically diverse forests now stand, following the trend of monoculture plantations that have replaced native forests around the world.

This indicates that GM trees are not beneficial for global forest biological diversity. It is also clear that those genetic modifications are being carried out for industrial and not environmental reasons and, if released, would result in industrial plantations with low biodiversity, largely devoid of other living organisms, thus effectively depleting forest biological diversity.

This leads to the main question: Can genetically modified trees have a negative impact on global forest biological diversity?

The main threats are:

– Substitution of diverse forests by genetically modified tree monocultures. This is already happening with “conventional” tree monocultures (oil palm, eucalyptus, pines, acacias, and gmelinas) and there is no reason to believe that it would be different with GM trees. On the contrary, corporations like ArborGen have postulated that pulp from plantations of GM trees could bring in considerably higher profits than pulp from conventional monocultures, indicating that corporations intend to rapidly implement large scale industrial GM tree plantations.

– Contamination of non-GM trees of the same species or genus. This contamination is particularly dangerous in the case of the most widespread plantation tree—eucalyptus —whose many species have the capacity to hybridise and could therefore be easily pollinated by GM eucalyptus. It is also dangerous in other plantation species such as pines, poplars and acacias. In China, the only country where GM trees are planted on a commercial scale, contamination of native poplar trees has already been documented.

– Contamination of related tree species. Tree pollen can travel very long distances and could contaminate non-GM trees both of the same species as well as other related species in entire regions and countries. This would mean that native trees might acquire the genetically modified traits of GM trees. For instance, they might become resistant to insects, i.e. produce toxins, thus resulting in the depletion of certain insect populations and dependent plant and animal species. The “solution” of developing flowerless trees creates false confidence in the supposed safety of the technology and runs the risk of passing on any of the modified genes to trees in the wild – if sterility were to fail in just one single tree in one year.

– Trees with less lignin (and higher cellulose content) would be more prone to pest attacks, and potentially increased windfalls, and would rot more quickly, altering soil structure and releasing CO2 more quickly, thus contributing to climate change. Decomposing forest dead wood provides an essential habitat for a high diversity of flora and fauna. Disturbing the rate of wood decomposition would have a dramatic effect on species populations, the consequences of which have not been studied. These trees would also show altered characteristics during storm, flooding and possibly drought.

– Contamination of forest ecosystems and other habitats with GM trees via seed. Trees produce abundant fruit and seed, often capable of travelling long distances either carried by air, water, animals and human activities. Trees genetically engineered for faster growth, salt tolerance, short daylight adaptation or cold tolerance could out-compete common pioneer species or populate rare or marginal habitats previously uninhabitable to trees.

– Impacts on the livelihoods of indigenous and local communities. The environmental release and commercial use of GM trees in industrial GM tree plantations would provide no goods to local communities, and would impact on their traditional use of forest resources, including fruit, seed, insects, animals, honey, and fibres. In the long run, contamination of native tree species could wipe out most of the resources they depend on.

– Many studies have been done on the potential human health impacts of GM crops and the risks involved are manifold. Few risk assessment studies apply specifically to trees and though they are likely to share similar risks to plant crops, trees are also know to have other specific areas of concern when genetically modified. The longevity of trees makes the necessary multi-generational risks assessment studies impossible to carry out in the short-term. Yet it is known that aberrations of intended gene expression may only become apparent when studied over several generations. Unexpected gene expression is known to have occurred in elm trees, for example.

– Increased contamination of soils, water and air from toxic herbicides used in conjunction with herbicide-resistant trees, or inhalation of pollen from insect-resistant trees could have serious impacts on the health of indigenous and local communities.

– There are significant likely impacts on women and indigenous peoples, the traditional caretakers of biodiversity. In many communities, women are the ones who think in terms of generations. It is women in rural and indigenous communities who will bear the greatest burden of the impacts of GM tree plantations, just as they currently bear the brunt of the impacts from conventional monoculture tree plantations. Women and children will likely bear the brunt of any human health consequences of GE trees, for example resulting from inhalation of large quantities of Bt toxin from the pollen of insect-resistant Bt trees.

In conclusion, GM trees have no role to play in the conservation of global forest biological diversity and, on the contrary, are likely to reduce forest biodiversity, with attendant social consequences. The high risks indicated by the available though incomplete science show that the technology could result in the extinction of forest plant and animal species with severe negative impacts on biodiversity.

We therefore urge the Convention on Biological Diversity to move forward from the current recommendation to Parties to take a precautionary approach, to a mandatory decision declaring an immediate ban on the release of GM trees.

Yours sincerely,

Ana Lucía Bravo 
Acción Ecológica

Carlos A. Vicente
Acción por la Biodiversidad

Javier Baltodano/ Isaac Rojas
Forest Program/ Friends of the Earth International

Miguel Lovera
Global Forest Coalition

Anne Petermann
Global Justice Ecology Project

Henk Hobbelink

Brian Tokar
Institute for Social Ecology

Elizabeth Bravo
Network for a GE Free Latin America

Orin Langelle
STOP GE Trees Campaign

Ricardo Carrere
World Rainforest Movement

Additional signatures up to November 23th


Lic. Silvana Buján

Luis Ernesto Sabini Fernández
Ecopolítica Futuros

Grace de Haro
APDH Human Rights Organization

Andrés M. Dimitriu
Universidad Nacional del Comahue

Vecinos Autoconvocados Jacobacci

Gabriela Aloras

Daniel Otal
Asociación Civil Alas para la Comunicación Popular

Diana Caviezel

Nora Correas
AAVRA (Asociación de Artistas Visuales de la República Argentina)

Luis Tuninetti
Director Eco Sitio

CPN Walter Bejanuel
Laboratorio BIOBLOEMEN

Lucas Chiappe
Coordinador del “Proyecto Lemu”
Asociacion Lihuen-Antu
Epuyen – Chubut

Elba Stancich
Taller Ecologista

Noelia Delgado

Ing. Agr. Alberto Lapolla

Lisa Paz

Alastair MacGregor

Lisandro Baremberg

Sandra Peitsch
Armonia Ambiental

Liliana Barbagelata

Luis Tuninetti
Director Eco Sitio

Eva L. Cajigas
Secretaría de Alumnos y
Promoción Institucional

Dra.Noemi Abad -Directora /Revista Ambiente y Sociedad

Melania Seve

Javiera Rulli
Grupo de Reflexion Rural

Javier Souza Casadinho

Alejandro Gahan
Por la defensa de Modelos de Desarrollo Sustentables

Patricio O. Serrano.
Iniciativa Ciudadana Libre

Humberto Lupi
Asamblea Ciudadana Ambiental

Marta Cristina Lugli

Miguel Puigvert
Movimiento Horticultura
Urbana Zona Norte de Concordia-Entre Rios

Graciela Capodoglio
Carlos A. Vicente
Acción por la Biodiversidad

Mirta Gómez

Vicente Torre

Guillermo Gutiérrez
ICEPH – Instituto Cordillerano de Estudios y Promoción Humana

Marcos Nuñez

Dr. Ing. Antonio Nicolás Gillari
Director General – Multimedios Ambiente Ecológico – MAE

Dr. José Luis Rodríguez
Presidente Asociación para la Protección de Animales de Tres Arroyos


Ángeles Leonardo

Juan José Martiarena

Maria Marta Castro
Fundación Luciérnaga

Maria Eugenia Servidio Peralta

María del Carmen Rodriguez
Asociación San Francisco de Asís.

Federico Javier Collazuo
Santa Fe – Rosario

Carla G. D´Agrossi
Buenos Aires

Paola Analia Blanco de Napoli
Bs. As.

Marcia Correa
A Associação Protetora da Diversidade das espécies- PROESP

Oscar Main
Foro Ecologico de Parana

Marisa Ines. Riquelme
Pcia. del Neuquén

Roxana Vargas

Gladys Vera


Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment


John Seed
Rainforest Information Centre

J.G. Hutchinson
Breakthrough Facilitation

Gillian Blair
Secretary of Otways Conservation Council

Arnold Ward

Pennie Scott
Alan Reid
Andy Stanham
White Knuckle Marketing

Bob Phelps
Executive Director
GeneEthics Network

Narelle Stiles

Rowland Benjamin
Information for Action

Les and Donella Peters

Josie Lee
Friends of the Earth Australia

Indra Esguerra
Canberra, Australia

Kate Clinch-Jones
President of SAGFIN
South Australian Genetic Food Information Network


Zakir Kibria
Executive Director

Mohammad Azizur Rahman
Institute of Cultural Affairs

Farida Akhter,
Executive Director,

Farhad Mazhar, Chief organizer, Nayakrishi Andolon

Badrul Alam
Bangladesh Krishok Federation

Ashraf-Ul-Alam Tutu
Coastal Development Partnership

Ahmed Swapan Mahmud
Executive Director, VOICE
67/Ka, Pisciculture Housing,
Shyamoli, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Stijn Bruers

Leopold Broers

Micheline Bruyninckx


Roberto Moyano
Gerente de Inspecciones
IMO Control Latinoamérica Ltda.

Oscar Mendieta Chavez
Director General de Produccion Agropecuaria y Soberania Alimentaria –
Ministerio de Desarrollo Rural Agropecuario y Medio Ambiente
Presidente de la FUNDACION RENACE

Jannette Giné

Noemi Soto Santiesteban

Javier Bejarano
Asesor Forestal de AFIN
Asociación Forestal Indígena Nacional


Demilton Jorge Benevides Duarte

Patricia Grinberg

Antonio Ormundo

Ivonete Gonçalves
O Cepedes
Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas para o desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul/Baassina

José Koopmans
CDDH ; Centre de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos – Teixeira de Freitas – Ba.

Monica Vargas
Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización

Jean Pierre Leroy
Coordenador Projeto Brasil sustentável e Democrático/Fase

Gabriel B. Fernandes

Felipe Carvalho Beltrão Cavalcanti
Estudante de Engenharia Florestal
Escola Superior de Agricultura “Luiz de Queiróz” (ESALQ – USP)

André Santos Neves

Leila Leme

Associação de Proteção ao Meio Ambiente de Cianorte
(NGO representative in the Brazilian National Environmental Council representing South region of Brazil)


Nucleo Amigos da Terra

Maria Rita Reis
Terra de Direitos

Geraldo Alkimin

Lauderson Holz
CAPA(Centro de Apoio ao Pequeno Agricultor)

Marechal Cândido Rondon

Márcio Alexsandre Savaris

Marco Antonio Bilo Vieira
CAPA(Centro de Apoio ao Pequeno Agricultor)

Guilherme Abreu
Técnico em Monitoramento e Controle Ambiental
estudante de agronomia
UFRGS – Porto Alegre – RS

E.Rose Atuati
Presidente, Instituo Águas do Prata – IAP
Campos do Jordão

biól. Lisiane Becker

Cristina Collier
Gestora Ambiental

Tiago Balieiro Cetrulo
Eng. Agrônomo

Ana Paula Fagundes
Grupo Mamangava

Guilherme Ferreira

Mario Gusson
CETAP – Centro de Tecnologias Alternativas Populares de Passo Fundo
Rio Grande do Sul

Denise Helfenstein
RG 8064662541 Porto alegre – RS

Antonio Leal

Beatriz Lins – estudante de biologia – UENF

Eliziane Mello
Bióloga, Santiago/RS

Plínio Melo

Zuleica Nycz
Membro do Conselho Nacional do Meio Ambiente e do Conselho Nacional de Saude

Helen Oliveira
Ong Gaivotas Atlantico Sul-
Itanhaem SP

Júlio César de Lima Prates
Jornalista, Santiago/RS

Eduardo Raccioppi
Diretor Presidente
Instituto Aruandista de Pesquisas e Desenvolvimento
ELIVRE Escola Livre de Meio Ambiente e Administração

João Ramos

Joao Batista da Silva – geografo
Associação dos Geógrafos Brasileiros – RJ
GT Ambiente AGB-Rio e AGB-Niteroi

Beatriz Osorio Stumpf

Felipe Amaral de Vasconcellos

Josiane Carine Wedig
Estudante de Ciências Sociais da Universidade Federal de Pelotas

Nelson Fogassi Jurado Junior
Encenador Teatral

Burkina Faso

Elke Verbeeten
Chercheur Associé – Research Fellow
Programme Services Environnementaux et Usage / Gestion Durable des Forêts –
Environmental Services and Sustainable Use of Forests Program
CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research)


Pamela Wight

Lynn Palmer
Wildlands League, the Ontario branch of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Theresa Wolfwood
Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation

M.A. Wak Kalola
Sociologie du Développement
International & Mondialisation

Bonita Poulin
Canadian Coordinator
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and other Chemically Induced Illnesses, Diseases & Injury affecting civilians and military personnel

Sandra Valle

Serge LaRochelle

Charles Sule

Andrew Page

Pam Trenholm
Brighton Botanicals

Cliff Rose
Cumberland Group, Atlantic Chapter
Sierra Club of Canada

Mélissa Filion
responsable de campagne forêt boréale
Greenpeace Canada

German Trejo

Pat Mooney
ETC Group

Theresa Wolfwood
Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation

Jackie M. Bourgeois, B.Sc, CEPIT
Climate Change Coordinator
Environmental Protection
Department of Environment

Jean Arnold, Executive Director
Falls Brook Centre

Rachael Charbonneau
New Brunswick Partners in Agriculture
Upper Hampstead

Claudia Ho Lem
Resource Efficient Agricultural Production (R.E.A.P.)

John Newlands

Sandra E.Foss, President,
Federation of Alberta Naturalists (4500++ individuals represented, 35 Natural History Clubs)

Marianne Garrah
Jasper, Alberta

Kate Green
Manager Public Engagement, North/South Linkages

Joleah Kunkel
Ecosystems Management Technician

Jeanne Maki
PEI Environmental Health Co-op

Hudanee, Frank Martin
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Sweetgrass Martin
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Bill Michell
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Buffy Michell
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Curtis Michell
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Doreen Michell
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Dunovan Michell
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Mary Michell
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Telquaa, Helen Michell
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Wally Michell
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Stephen Morison

Beatrice Olivastri
Friends of the Earth Canada

Curtis Patrick
Indigenous sovereign Bear Clan families of Maxan Lake B.C.

Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr.
Rehabilitation Research, Education & Evaluation Services
Centre for Family, Child & Adolescent Advancement

Gary Shneider and the board of the Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island

Cynthia Wilson
Enviro Tech student, Fleming College

Karen Rothschild
Coordinating Committee
Union paysanne


Alejandra Parra Muñoz

Francesca Matsuda Arce

Jaime Leppé

María Elena Rozas
Lucía Sepúlveda
Patricia Bravo
Alianza por una mejor Calidad de Vida (RAP-Chile)
Integrada por:

Matías Meza-Lopehandía G.

Florencia Aróstica
Presidenta de la Asociación Nacional de Mujeres Rurales e Indígenas, ANAMURI

Royden Jorge Abello Romero
(Consejo de Lonko Norte de los Territorios del Sur)
Organizacion Ancestral Mapunche Wijiche

Lorena Ojeda
Organizacion Ambientalista Koyam Newen

Miguel Cheuqueman

Gregorio Paredes
Sociedad de Escritores de Chile


Ana Maria Lozano
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Pedro Lázaro Perez
Comisión Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz

German Bedoya
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Equipo Nacional

Juan Carlos Galvis
Presidente cut Barrancabermeja (Santander)

Stephan Suhner
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Elsa Nivia
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Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas para América Latina
(PAN Latin America)

Fabian Fontecha

Att. Luis Ernesto Perez Barrera
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Georgina Montoya Vargas
Maestra en artes plasticas

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Costa Rica

Ana Gabriela Steffich Resoagli

Marcelo Pablo Pascotto Impavido

Rolf W.Ruge

Elmer González Luna
Estudiante de Ingeniería Forestal
Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Gilbert González Maroto
Centro para el Desarrollo Indígena (CEDIN)

Ing. Agr. Ricardo Corrales Sáenz, MGA
Consultor Independiente

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CENSAT Agua Viva
Amigos de la Tierra Colombia

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Fundación Nuestras Raíces (FUNRAICES)

Isaac Rojas
Amigos de la Tierra Costa Rica

María Gabriela Ortiz Sancho


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The Danish Ecological Council

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Coordinador del Frente de la Salud de los Pueblos

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Ing. For. Johana Muñoz
Centro de Estudios y Desarrollo de la Amazonia

Aurora Donoso
Instituto de Estudios Ecologistas del Tercer Mundo

Lider Gongora F.
Executive Secretary
Redmanglar Internacional

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M.Sc. Ecología Tropical y Conservación


Karam Saber
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Land Center for Human Rights


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Union of Ecoforestry

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Nature Conservation Officer
Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto
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Georges Cingal
Secrétaire Général Fédération SEPANSO
(Société pour l’Etude, la Protection et l’Amenagement de la
Nature dans le Sud-Ouest)
Vice-Président Bureau Européen de l’Environnement


Martin Kaiser
Greenpeace International Political Advisor, Forests & Biodiversity

Thomas Trueten

Franziska and Dr. Wolfgang Wiebecke

Ute Sprenger
Gen-ethisches Netzwerk -GeN
(Red gene-ética / Gene-ethical Network)

Paco Murillo

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University of Eberswalde

Jaspar Albers

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Chris Lang
World Rainforest Movement

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Dr. Peter Clausing
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Peter Gerhardt
Tropical Forests Campaigner
Robin Wood

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Member of fian Germany

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KoBra – Kooperation Brasilien e. V.

Sui-Yun Wong de Geitz
Holistic Treatments
Germany, Peru, China

Dr. Elke Mannigel
Internationale Projektkoordination
OroVerde – Die Tropenwaldstiftung

Morris Stevensen



Lidia Francisca Dionisio Chavajay
Miembra del Proyecto Miriam de Guatemala


Lambert Okrah
Institute of Cultural Affairs

Sakeena K. Bonsu
Evergreen Club


Daniela Stefano
Amigos del MST en Holanda

Jaap Rozema
University of Amsterdam

Carbon Trade Watch

Anouska Plasmeijer


Jorge Varela./ Director Ejecutivo
Comité para la Defensa y Desarrollo de la Flora y Fauna del Golfo de Fonseca

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Departamento De Biologia
Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Honduras

Internationals or no country given

Jesus Dominguez Law

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Amante de la naturaleza

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Red Latinoamericana contra los Monocultivos de Arboles

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Tatiana Mayerovich

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Federico Hilario Giner

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WWF International
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Thomas MacIntosh

Cristina Trepat Folch


Ilangovan Krishnaraj

Souparna Lahiri

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Institute of Cultural Affairs

S. Usha

Umendra Dutt
Executive Director
(Agricultural Heritage Mission)

Jacob Nellithanam
Centre for Indigenous Farming Systems

Kavitha Kuruganti
Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

Ashish Fernandes

Pandurang Hegde
Appiko-Chipko Movement

P. Chennaiah
Secretary- National Coordination
Andhra Pradesh Vyavasaya Vruthidarula Union –APVVU

Datta Patil
Executive Director
YUVA Rural

Sheelu Francis
Tamilnadu Women’s Collective

Sundari Perumal
Tamilnadu Resource Team

A Gopalakrishnan Nair

Dr. Debal Deb
Dr. Mita Dutta
Debachis Chatterjee
Partha Majumdar
Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies

Kunal Deb

Kalyan Chakrabarti
Founder Member
Society for Positive Changes

Muhammad Riza
Yayasan Duta Awam


Ade Fadli
Komunitas TIMPAKUL


Alfredo L. Somoza

Gianfranca Dal Toso


Maryam Rahmanian
Centre for Sustainable Development and Environment (CENESTA)


Tom Roche
Just Forests


Paul Saoke
Executive Director
Physicians for Social Responsibility

Soren Ambrose
Solidarity Africa Network

Njoki Njoroge Njehu
Daughters of Mumbi Global Resource Center


Chee Yoke Ling
Third World Network


Thérèse Sfeir
Organic Agriculture Specialist
LibanCert: Lebanese Organic Certification Body

Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Soodhakur Ramlallah
Mauritius Newspaper and Union of Environmental Journalists (UEJ)


José Salazar Hernández
Ak Kanantik Ak Ká‚ax. A.C.
Cuidemos nuestras selvas. A.C.

Carlos Armenta
Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo

Jardiel Jaimes
Asesoria certificada de Agricultura Organica A.C.

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Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas

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Bióloga y Artista

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Silvia Ribeiro
ETC Group

Romeo Saldìvar
Documentalismo Submarino
Departamento de Biologìa Marina
Universidad Autònoma de Baja California Sur

M. C. J. Milton J. Aragón Palacios
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Fernando Bejarano G
Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas en México (RAPAM)

Constanza Díaz

Jose Manuel Arias Rodriguez
Coordinador de Proyectos
Asociacion Ecologica Santo Tomás A.C

Ing. Henry Santacruz Vivas

C. Melquiades Cuevas Crisanto
Pdte. del Comisariado de Bienes Comunales de la comunidad indígena de San Juan Jaltepec, Yaveo, Oaxaca, México

C. Lorenzo Celis Chimil. Pdte. del Consejo de Vigilancia de la misma comunidad

C. Teodosio Angel Molina. Comisionado de la misma comunidad

Sonia Navarro
Manejo y Conservación de Vida Silvestre
Departamento de Botánica y Zoología
Investigadora de la Universidad de Guadalajara, México

Ana Laura Juárez López
Profesora de la Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero
Unidad de Ciencias de Desarrollo Regional

Jorge Acosta
Grupo de Estudios Ambientales, AC

Luis Manuel Vaca Pacheco
Centro Internacional de Prospectiva y Altos Estudios, S.C.

Giselle Buchán

Ricardo Díaz

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Claudia Muñóz

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Rocío Mejía

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Guadalupe Cuellar

Lilia Pacheco

Mónica Gutierrez

Jessica Burillo

Jessica Flores

Yanko Heinze

Tianguis Alternativo Bosque de Agua A.C.


Ilya Trombitsky, PhD
Executive Director
Eco-TIRAS International Environmental Association of River Keepers


Nazayan Kaji Shaestha

Rajendra Lamichhane

Ghanashyam Pandey

Amba Datta Bhatta
Institute of Cultural Affairs

Binod Bhatta

New Zealand

Claire Bleakley
GE Free (NZ) in Food and Environment

Margaret Aylward

Clare Brown

Milton Brown

Brent Whiteley

Grant Whiteley

Northern Ireland

Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland


Lars Løvold (Director)
Rainforest Foundation Norway


Shahid Zia
Lok Sanjh Foundation

Atta Rajar
Bureau Chief


Pedros Rivera Ramos

Papua New Guinea

Peter Dam
Forest Management & Product Certification Service

Taksey Dobon
Indigenous People’s Rights and Initiatives to Development. (IPIRD)


Nancy Riquelme

Julia Franco
Secretaria de Relaciones


Jorge Prado Sumari
Secretario General Colegiado
Confederación Campesina del Perú, CCP

Juan W. Mendoza Aguirre
Dirigente Nacional CCP

Ing. Enrique Moya Bendezu

Herbert Roncal León
Presidente Ejecutivo

Emperatriz Rodríguez Quiroz
Programa de Sensibilización y Educación Ambiental

Daniel Maynas Inuma
Presidente del Centro de Promoción y Desarrollo Rural Amazónico-CEPODRA

Jorge Ernesto Llosa Montagne
Instituto de Investigación y Capacitación Agraria Pozuzo

José Ríos Trigoso
Proyecto de Bosques Secundarios
Selva Central de Perú

Alejandro Camino D.C.
Iniciativa HimalAndes

Alejandro Camino D.C.

Rocío Infante
Ashoka Región Andina

Anna Zucchetti
Grupo GEA “Emprendemos el Cambio”

Jorge Luis Novoa Arevalo

Alejandro Gómez Arangua

Dimas Flores Peralta
Quimico Farmaceutico
Maestria de Auditoria, gestion en Medio Ambiente
Consultor en Suministro de Medicamentos en el consorcio Cayetano heredia – AIS

Wily Palomino Condori
Miembro de la Asociacion Ecosistemas Andinos ECOAN de Perú

Ing. MS Rafael Chumbimune Zanabria
Amazonica Plantaciones

Oscar Guadalupe Zevallos
Asociación HUARAYO

Reynaldo Trinidad Ardiles

Róger Rumrrill García
Instituto Peruano de Desarrollo “Hombre y Tierra”

Jaime Llosa Larrabure
Asesor de la Red Ambiental Peruana – Rap

Egar Yabar Larrondo
DNI 17846878

Moraima Rojas
Sección Ecología

Julián Cortez Sánchez
Revista “Alimentación & Salud”

Olga del Carpio Velarde
Instituto de Medio Ambiente y Género para el Desarrollo

July Rimac Coral
Profesora de Ciencias

Emma Visbal Herrera



Javier M. Claparols
Ecological Society of the Philippines

Dr. Helen N. Mendoza

Romeo F. Quijano
College of Medicine
Univ of the Phils Manila

Abi Aguilar
Program Officer
Philippine Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural
Areas (PhilDHRRA)

Antonio M. Claparols
Ecological Society of the Philippines

Angelina P. Galang, ph.D.
Miriam College

Victoria M. Segovia

Ma. Rosario G. Wood
Chair, Science Department
Miriam College

Maria Kalaw

Khyn P. Yap
Earth Charter Youth Group – Negros 


Mateusz Banski


Avelino Braga

Puerto Rico (Borike)

Evelyn Moreno

Naniki Reyes Ocasio
Caney 5to Mundo
Confederacion Unida del Pueblo Taino

Mabel Rodriguez
Directora de comunicaciones
Sierra Club, Capitulo de Puerto Rico

Jose L. Alsina


Anna Laletina
Friends of the Siberian Forests


Mandy Haggith
Bill Ritchie

Andrew Thompson BSc (For)


Daniel Lesinsky

South Africa

Leslie Liddell
Biowatch S.A.

Annette Papenhagen (B.Sc.Biology)

Vanessa Black
Earthlife Africa eThekwini branch, South Africa


Marta Bisbe Regás

Teresa Sanz Gastardi

Rubén Urzúa Zurita
Ingeniero Civil

Erika González
Observatorio de Multinacionales en América Latina
Asociación Paz con Dignidad

Aurorra Aroca

Sigfrido Miralles de Argila

Fernando Ballenilla García de Gamarra
Profesor de la Universidad de Alicante

Antonio Navarrete Salvador

Angeles Carballo Casaus
Profesora de Biología y Geología de Enseñanza Secundaria.
Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria de Mutxamel (Alicante)

Pura Sempere Molina
Profesora de Biología de Enseñanza Media

Amparo Barroso

Begoña Sánchez Puerto

Héctor Gravina Ramos
Coordinador del Grup de Tòxics d’Alternativa Verda

Benito Andrade
Asociación pola defensa da Ría (APDR)

Adriana Echeverría

Coro Jimenez-Arellano Juanena

Tom Kucharz
Ecologistas en Acción

Ruben Bernardino
Sustainable Designer

Octavio Moreno

Julia Urquijo Reguera
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

Esther Blanco Cartagena
University of the Balearic Islands

Miguel Angel Soto Caba
Campaña de Bosques
Greenpeace España

Oscar Bartra Carreras

Sonia Bonazza Colón
Greenpeace España

Carla Gonzales

Manuel Lucendo Hernan

Rosa Burgos Pérez

Daniel Camon i Pastor

Sílvia Martín
Lic. Ciencias Ambientales

Laia Serra Sellarès


Alawiyya Jamal
Programme and Project Coordinator
Environmentalist Society


Peter Wrenfelt

Ellie Cijvat
board member
Friends of the Earth Sweden

Casey Little
Taiga Rescue Network


Damian Oettli

Tina Goethe
Head of Development Politics


Jim Enright
Southeast Asian Coordinator
Mangrove Action Project (MAP)

Tanzania, East Africa

C. Shembilu

Leopoldo Salmaso
European Representative of TANDEM

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

Marise Sfeir


Pascal Ibrahim
Agriculture engineer
MS in Biotechnolgy


Kamese Geoffrey N.
National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE)

United Kingdom

Angie Zelter
Reforest the Earth

Martin Haggerty
Genetic Engineering Network
United KIngdom

Madeleine Parkyn
Scarborough Against Genetic Engineering

Anthony Jackson
Munlochy GM Vigil

Teresa Anderson
Gaia Foundation

Marcus Colchester
Forest Peoples Programme

Oliver Tickell

Liz Chidley
Down to Earth – the International Campaign for Ecological Justice in Indonesia

Andy Kadir-Buxton

Sam Burcher
Insitute of Science in Society

Elisabet Lopez
Environment Advocacy Coordinator

Clare Oxborrow
Friends of the Earth England

Mal Mitchell

Carrie Stebbings, Co-ordinator

Daniela Peluso
University of Kent

Tobias Jackson
Community Forestry Technical Advisor
( working for FAO in Cambodia)

William Ellens
Walsall Friends of the Earth

Amanda Yorwerth
St Albans Friends of the Earth

Donald C Macdonald

Jane Temple

Carol Cholerton

Denise Pennie

Joel Senoff

United States

Alex P. Brown
Executive Director

Chuck Kaufman
Nicaragua Network

Gretchen Ruethling
Communications Coordinator, Media Outreach
Rainforest Alliance

Patty McGrath

Rachel Coombs
New Hampshire Peace Action

Joel Rosenblum

Hugh Sanborn

John Friede
Executive Director
Worldview, Ltd.

Paul and Gene de Benedictis

Mary Bull, Co-director <>
Greenwood Earth Alliance, Save the Redwoods – Boycott the Gap Campaign
Chalice Farm and Sustainable Living Center

The Enviro Show
Northampton, MA

Michael J. Marx
Corporate Ethics International

Ronnie Cummins
Organic Consumers Association

Jim Wells
Oregon Wild Edibles
PO Box 11021
Eugene, OR 97440

Rev. Walter Stark
Cumberland Countians for Peace & Justice

Rev. Charles Lord
Caney Fork Headwaters Association

Donald B. Clark
Network for Environmental & Economic Responsibility
United Church of Christ

Robert Roth

Hope Shand
ETC Group

Don Kimball

Michele Cheung
Dark Night relatives

Michael A Conley

John Blair
Valley Watch, Inc.

Professor Lawrence Hamilton
Former Senior Fellow
East West Center

Oshana Catranides

Buffalo Bruce
Board Chair, WNRC
Western Nebraska Resources Council

World Information Transfer, Inc.

Tim Jeffries-Quintero
Bend-Condega Friendship Project

Josh Schlossberg
Communications Coordinator
Native Forest Council

Lori Ann Burd
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering

Penny Lind
Executive Director
Umpqua Watersheds

Bethany Fleishman

Pat Rasmussen
World Temperate Rainforest Network

Kye Cochran
General Manager
Upper Valley Food Co-op
White River Junction, Vermont

Mike Petersen
The Lands Council

Betty Ball
Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

Pete Shanks

Lea Wood

Pete Cutting

Barbara Bates

Lowell Downey
Katie Aaron
Erica Martenson
Preserving the Integrity of Napa Agriculture

Kathleen Shepherd
Dartmouth College

Elizabeth Champagne
Adamant Co-op (VT)

Sue West

Tanya Croke

Donna Jordan

Marti King

Sharon Rich

Bernie & Marcia Altman

Arran E. Thomson

Christian L Heinold

Carla Christianson

Jerome Solotky

Karl J. Volk

Lydia Garvey

Greg Rupert
Citizens for a Sustainable Planet

Sylvan Grey

Susanna Bonner

Maureen Freeman
White Violet Center for Eco-Justice

Louise Lacey
Growing Native

Helena Melone

Margaret Eisenberger
International Center for Tropical Ecology

Patty McGrath

Denton Bragg

Stephen Hall
Friends of the Navarro

Steve Baker

Pam Trenholm
Brighton Botanicals

Laurel Hopwood
Chair, Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Committee

Erik Jansson
President Department of the Planet Earth, Inc.

Meg Berlin
Activist/ VTGEAN
(Vermont Genetic Engineering Action Network)

Hylah Egeland

Zelda Wilson

Eldon Ball

Kelly Stoddard

Cedric Lawson

Ingrid K. Loesch

Jeanne Fossani

Rob Fish
GE Free Maine

Peter and Gail Mott, Co-Editors

Sam and Katah
Dragon Dance Theatre

Kelly Quirke
Executive Director
Friends of the Urban Forest

Alex Jack
Planetary Health, Inc.
Amberwaves Network

Jeff Conant
Hesperian Foundation/People’s Health Movement

Bill Simpich
Declaration of Peace

Melinda McComb

Brad Hippert

Cynthia Hendel

Bob Summers

Kathleen Calhoun

Wendy Scher

Beth Braun

Julie Colangeli

MaryAnn Tellinghusen

Arran E. Thomson

Lauralee Sikorski

Alexis Lathem

Dr. Dorothy K. Cinquemani

Ann Lipsitt
Will Miller Social Justice Lecture Series

Karen Ganey
Stop GE Trees Campaign

Nancy S. Lovejoy

Barbara Grant
Central VT Women\’s International League Peace Freedom

Lewis Lipsitt
Brown University

Hugh Sanborn

Steve Raymen

Jonathan Corcoran

Hiroshi Kanno, President
Concerned Citizens of Newport

Michael Feiner

Deborah Borgono

Matthew Wade
Information Officer

Tracey Lee

Ayesha Gill, Ph.D.

Cristian Guerrero
Rising Tide North America

Randy Hayes
International Forum on Globalization

Aaron Sanger
Chile Program Director

Alexis Wyrofsky

Robin Gorges

Jessica Lawrence
Executive Director
The Borneo Project, USA

Melanie Ellingsen

Nina Berryman

Diana Bohn
Nicaragua Center for Community Action

Kristen Bonnette

Sara Grusky
Water for All Campaign
Food & Water Watch

Tim Hermach
Native Forest Council

Denise Lytle

Paula Palmer, Executive Director
Global Response

David Pike
Katuah Earth First!

Alfredo Quarto, Executive Director
Mangrove Action Project

Julia Shaffer
Mobilization for Global Justice

George Androney

Dr. Glen Barry
Ecological Internet, Inc.

Matthew Ennis

Christine Keyser
Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH)

Jacob Leach

Gabrielle Roesch

Zoe Satorie

Michelle Waters

Craig Williams

Matthew R. Courter
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Seattle, WA

Gene Fox
York Harbor, ME

Tim Keating
Rainforest Relief
New York, NY


RAP-AL Uruguay
Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas de América Latina

Bioptimistas (Campaña Permanente contra los OGM)

Karin Nansen
REDES Amigos de la Tierra

Raúl Zibechi
Semanario BRECHA

Pablo Machado Mendívil

Brillante Saravia
Grupo Caa-obeti

Dra Isabel Lucas
Grupo Caa-obeti

Ing. Agr. Anahit Aharonian

Willian Martinez

Alicia Borges Figueroa

Mabel Fosman

Santiago Possamay

Emma Grau

Prof. Fernando Tabó
Coordinador Centro Nacional para el Desarrollo Sutentable

Maria Noel Salgado
Coordinadora Maela Cono Sur

Mildred Silva

Lic. María Selva Ortiz
REDES-Amigos de la Tierra

Coordinadora PAYSANDU

Daniel Michelazzo

Àlvaro Brenes Pardiñas


Federación de Organizaciones y Juntas Ambientalistas de Venezuela: “FORJA”

Ignacio Alzuru
Centro para la Gestion Tecnologica Popular

Efrén Calderón Medina
Owaldo Lepage Lista
Foro Ciudadano: Transparencia y Contraloría


Friends of the Earth Wales

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