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Mekong Commons Internet site

Mekong_CommonsThis site examines the questions surrounding the Mekong Region’s ‘development’, and tries to identify new ones, giving particular importance to both the consequences that are masked from mainstream explanations, as well as alternatives that are already practiced. The site is divided into five sections: “Deconstructing Development”, which explores how development is explained and justified, and how knowledge is used or misused; “Environmental Justice”, which explores how in the name of ‘development’ injustices result to people; “Better Ways”, which shares practices, activities, organizations and individuals working on alternative modes of and visions for development that can inspire; “Voices of the Next Generation”, which provides a space for young people; and “Women and the Mekong”, which features both the everyday and the unusual struggles of women as they seek to exert influence and redefine their role in often male-dominated arenas of decision making. Visit the site at: