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New publication warns against the impacts of agrotoxics on health

Rec_impactos_agrotoxicosPeople may be exposed to excessive levels of agrotoxics at work and through food, soil, water or air. Through the pollution of groundwater, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water, agrotoxics can pollute drinking water supplies, fish and other vital sources to human welfare. The “Alert about the impacts of agro toxics on health” is a huge contribution to the fight against silence. This publication, with over 600 pages, collects information on hundreds of books and articles published in national and international journals, which reveal the scientific evidence and the direct correlation between agro toxic use and health problems. As the preface states, this publication “calls out against the institutionalized lie; calls out to denounce the horror caused by the lethal use of agro toxics in Brazil; calls out to echo the cry of the victims of this horror. To produce it, the Brazilian Association of Collective Health (ABRASCO, for its Portuguese acronym) sets an example of the critical science commitment to structural changes in the society. Access the publication (in Portuguese) here: