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Poland – WRM information sheet on GE tree research

WRM information sheets on GE tree research

First posted: August 2014

Forest tree species being manipulated:

  • Hybrid aspen (populus)

Aim of genetic manipulation

  • Increased biomass production
  • Reduced water consumption

Those carrying out the research:

  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Those who provide support to research:

Regulatory framework for research and field trials:

Field trial:

  • One field trial in the period of 2010-2014 was authorized to study a number of functions of GE poplar like biomass production on 1,200 m2 (1) ; another intended subsequent release in 1,200 m2 of genetically modified poplar trees with changed biomass production properties and water use efficiency into field experiments during 2015-2019. (2)

Organizations opposing GE trees:



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