World Rainforest Movement

Public Meeting: A Burning Issue – biomass and its impacts on forests and communities

burning_issueTuesday, 29th October 2013 at 7pm.

Speakers from Brazil and the US will present first-hand experience of the impacts of the UK’s biomass policies on forests and people in their countries. This includes a presentation about the first ever case study published anywhere in the world about a land-grab for tree plantations (in Maranhão, Brazil) specifically to grow wood to burn in UK power stations. These presentations will be followed by evidence about the impacts of biomass power statios on UK communities, especially on air quality and public health. The event coincides with the  launch of a new report, Biomass; The Chain of Destruction, published by Biofuelwatch, which includes an investigative report by World Rainforest Movement and CEPEDES (Center for Study and Research for the Development of the Southern Bahia Region) about the impacts of biomass eucalyptus plantations in Brazil.

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