World Rainforest Movement

Unravelling Concepts tied to Development

Development discourse is intertwined with an array of concepts. It is impossible to talk about development without thinking about other ideas, such as growth or poverty. However development, being a discourse that cross-cuts the vast majority of economic and interventionist policies in territories—which many articles in this bulletin reflect upon,—is also intertwined with other concepts such as racism, rights and alternatives. That is why we bring previous bulletins to your attention, so that they can help unravel some of these concepts. We hope they are useful!
* Bulletin 209, December 2014, Some reflections on the “alternatives” debate
* Bulletin 223, April 2016, Racism in forests: A process of oppression that serves capital
* Bulletin 234, November 2017, Traps, dilemmas and contradictions surrounding discourse on rights in forests
* Bulletin 236, March 2018, Women, tree plantations and violence: Building resistance
* Bulletin 247, December 2019, Concepts that kill forests

Likewise, there are many resources that deepen the critique of this concept of development, which has become a cross-cutting issue. We recommend the websites of The Corner House (in English), Focus on the Global South (in English), and GRAIN (mostly in Spanish, English and French)