World Rainforest Movement

World Summit on Sustainable Forest (-destruction)

“World Summit on Sustainable Forest (-destruction)”, a satirical blog on the summit that will be held on March 5th-6th 2013 in Stockholm (Sweden). You are invited to attend or follow this World Forgery Summit on sustainable forest destruction. Some of the key questions in the agenda:

*Can we find a way to rebrand monoculture plantations as being sustainable?

*Is there a way to make the bankrupt carbon trading system look like a part of the solution to the climate crisis?

*To which forests can we apply this emerging sister of the Cash Development Mechanism (also known as the Clean Development Mechanism)?

*How can we make a list of deforestation drivers without mentioning capitalism and over-consumption in rich countries?

*How do we make our so-called activist friends look like heroes for the environment (and thus neglect all real activists)?