World Rainforest Movement

Argentina: Public pressure halts carbon sink project

In the last issue of the WRM bulletin we included an article –“Argentina: A shady carbon sink project”– detailing an absurd and destructive tree plantation project in that country. Now we are pleased to inform you that the struggle against it has been successful. The Argentinian justice has prohibited the company to “carry out all the works related to the forestry project”, which involved the clearcutting of 4400 hectares of native forest to be substituted with Oregon pine.

A number of persons and organizations –governmental and civil society– collaborated in the achievement of this success, among which the authorities of the Nahuel Huapí National Park, the National University of Comahue and officials from the Andean Forest Department. However, civil society organizations were at the forefront and the NGO Comunidad del Limay was responsible for filing the formal complaint which resulted in the court’s verdict. Equally important were all those which organized the November 5th protest, such as Proyecto Lemu, the Chubut Antinuclear Movement, Mapuche and Tehuelche indigenous groups, Greenpeace-Argentina, Puelo Bird Society, Atech and Cetera.

To all of them, our warmest congratulations!

Article based on information from: “La justicia frenó una tala de bosque nativo. Suspendió un proyecto maderero privado”, La Nación, 11/11/2000