World Rainforest Movement

Bolloré and Socfin count their profits in Luxemburg while conflicts persist in their African and Asian plantations


While the shareholders of Socfin hold their annual general meeting at the Bel-Air Hotel in Luxembourg on 27 May, 300 people from six affected villages gathered to protest Socfin’s failure to respect its commitments in Mondulkiri, Cambodia, and 250 representatives of 13 villages affected by the Socfin plantation in Côte d’Ivoire also mobilized. Earlier, on 16 May, 300 people gathered at the LAC plantation headquarters in Liberia, while 400 mobilised to blockade the Dibombarri plantation in Mbongo from 23 to 28 April. The International Alliance of Plantation Communities demands that Socfin give back the rights to use lands that the communities consider essential to their livelihoods.

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