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Cameroon: Call to action against Herakles Farms

camerunIn a context of massive land concessions in Cameroon over the last five years, apresidential decision in 2013 to grant the US based company Herakles Farms almost 20,000 ha of native land for the establishment of a large-scale oil palm plantation ignored the long local people and organizations’ opposition to the projectthat would destroy a densely forested area.The move raised a broadly supported international “call to action” in December 2013 demanding the President to cancel the decision.

Greenpeace is raising now another “call to action” to condemn and stop the commercialization of wood by Herakles. A press release of May 27 this year denounces how Herakles Farms is “attempting to rescue its dire financial situation” and so has “colluded with government officials to illegally obtain a permit to export timber” to Chinathat had been “illegally felled in order to establish an oil palm plantation in the South West region of the country.”