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Cameroon: Refuting ten lies about SOCAPALM plantations

After French industrialist Vincent Bolloré filed two lawsuits against Radio France Inter, both for alleged defamation regarding plantations operated by SOCAPALM (Société Camerounaise de Palmeraies), photographer Isabelle Alexandra Ricq and researcher Julien-François Gerber addressed ten lies typically used to defend Bolloré, one by one.

France Inter was sued for broadcasting two programmes that were critical of plantations operated by SOCAPALM. The company is a subsidiary of SOCFINAL, in which Bolloré controls around 40% of shares (see the related article in this same bulletin). Can it legitimately be claimed that SOCAPALM plantations bring prosperity and development to local populations? That the environment has not been seriously degraded or polluted because of SOCAPALM? Can it be said that the plantation workers are exaggerating when they call themselves slaves, since they all have satellite dishes?

At a moment when the Bolloré group is aiming its considerable weapons against journalists who are overly critical of its activities in Africa, this analysis clearly demonstrates, through conclusive documentary evidence, that all of the multinational’s arguments can be shot down one by one.

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