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Norway: divest from eucalyptus plantations!

The Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America raises debates about the ethical principles behind Norwegian investments. They invited, together with a network of Norwegian organizations, people from Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil and Swedish Sami to present their stories, research and reflections to a popular court in March 2017. One of the cases discussed was the situation in the extreme south of Bahia, Brazil, where three of the world’s biggest pulp and paper-producing companies operate (Suzano, Veracel and Fibria). The national Oil Fund of Norway invests over 3.5 billion Norwegian crones in these eucalyptus plantation companies, despite the well-document impacts of monoculture plantations on forests, biodiversity, water sources and the destruction of local territories and livelihoods.

The popular court is part of a campaign to demand that the Norwegian Oil Fund pulls out from such investments. More importantly, they call for stricter and more transparent control of Norwegian investments.

The report from the popular court will be published soon in Portuguese and a video from the campaign can be watched here (with English and Spanish subtitles):