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Project in Colombia seeks support

Fundación Beteguma is a Colombian NGO, with headquarters in Quibdó at the Pacific coast region, which seeks to promote the social, cultural and environmental development of the Biogeographic Chocó through activities of research, conservation and sustainable production involving local communities. The Chocó is one of the few biodiversity hotspots in the world and is suffering a process of environmental degradation because of illegal logging and mining, as well as abuses to human rights.

Beteguma has got a project for reforestation, agroforestry promotion and sustainable management of the Cabí River watershed. The project includes research, field work and education activities with a wide participation of local communities and is basically aimed at strengthening their capacity to plan and manage land use, respecting their traditional agricultural and silvicultural practices as an alternative to the present state of things. It is expected that the ecological restoration of the Cabí River watershed will benefit these communities by ensuring their livelihoods.

Those interested in knowing more about or supporting this initiative, are invited to visit Beteguma’s web site in Spanish or contact Gonzalo Díaz Cañada.