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Rio Tinto’s biodiversity offset project in Madagascar imposes severe restrictions on local communities

QMM, the Malagasy branch of Rio Tinto, a British-Australian mining company, is extracting ilmenite in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar, to export it to Canada. To compensate for the destruction caused by this mining activity, QMM set up a biodiversity offsetting project in another forest, 50 km to the north of the mining site. The forest use restrictions imposed on local communities at the biodiversity offsetting site are raising serious human rights, health and food insecurity issues. See the video “Your Mine” produced by the NGO Re:Common at

Athanase Monja, A Malagasy farmer affected by Rio Tinto’s activities, planned to speak at the firm’s Annual General Meeting on 12 April, but was refused a visa by the Home Office. See more information in English here: