World Rainforest Movement

Southern countries and forests should expect no good from carbon markets

Several social organizations from different parts of the world have signed and published the briefing “Carbon markets will not deliver for Southern governments, forests and people

The document warns Southern governments that no expectation should be put in a global carbon market that includes forest carbon or ‘REDD’ credits. The main reasons are that the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) – the largest carbon market – will not include forests until at least 2020, and the performance of carbon credits as a commodity has been a failure. Also, in case “there was a forest carbon market, little money would go to forests” because, as any other commodity market, “most of the money would enrich those who trade or speculate in the commodity whilst producers would receive a limited percentage of the final cost”, and “even if funds would go to forests they would not go to ‘high-risk’ countries” (including many African countries) because “investors put their money where risk is lowest and return is highest.”

The briefing can be read at