World Rainforest Movement

Forest peoples and territories: Rights Violations in Acre, Brazil

Rec_Relatorio_AcreIn 2013, the Rapporteur on human rights to the environment (RDHMA, for its Portuguese acronym), from the DhESCA Platform, conducted a Research and Advocacy Mission in the state of Acre on the green economy problematic and its political and territorial effects. Different state governments, especially in the Amazon, have already established or are in the process of defining state policies contemplating proposals for payments for environmental services and REDD+. Acre is one of the pioneers. However, a group of social organizations and collectives in Acre have identified in these policies a number of negative socio-political, economic and environmental impacts, particularly on traditional populations and their territories. These groups denounced, through the Report of the Research Mission, violations of land and territory rights, as well as violations of the rights of populations in territories conquered by them, both resulting from the green economy installed in the state.

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