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Legalising land theft in Brazil while the focus is on Covid-19

While most media is focusing on the Covid-19 crisis, new land laws in Brazil stand to usher an unprecedented dispossession of rural land in Brazil, expanding deforestation and destruction, pushed by the greed of the agribusiness and logging industries. If the Brazilian National Congress approves by May 19 the Provisional Measure (PM 910) signed by president Jair Bolsonaro in December 2019, millions of hectares of federal public land can be privatized by authorizing a “self-declaratory procedure” to eliminate bureaucracy. This will also result in the eviction of thousands of small farmers, rural people and communities into urban peripheries. Forest destroyers, in the meantime, are rapidly advancing, with a 63.7% growth in deforestation only in April in the Brazilian Amazon. Read more information here and here in Portuguese and here in English.