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Violence broke out in the fields and forests of Brazil


The Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) of Brazil released its Notebook on Field Conflicts 2015 last April 15. The research data reveal a terrible reality. Last year there were 50 murders. And impunity reigns. Worsening the situation: 59 people suffered assassination attempts and another 144 received death threats, leaving them with the uncertainty of whether they will die soon. An atrocity that, in quantitative terms, has not occurred since 2004. The worst has occurred in the Amazonia, especially in Pará and Rondonia: in those states 40 people were killed. According to CPT lawyer in Marabá, José Batista Afonso, conflicts exist throughout the country, and they originate from structural causes related to the expansion of capital in the field and the increasing concentration of land. A CartaCapital report tells us that “the quilombolas and indigenous people are fighting for territory, the farmers are fighting for land, and everyone is being exterminated, murdered, dispossessed.”

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