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What are cars made of? From the Brazilian Amazon to the German automakers

Rec_What_are_carsA recently released documentary exposing the world’s largest iron ore mining project shows the life of the communities impacted by the “Programa Grande Carajás” (Great Carajás Programme), located in the Brazilian states of Maranhão and Pará. In this region, people affected by mining projects are supported by the Justice on Rails Network, a coalition of impacted communities, organizations, pastoral groups, social movements and academic research groups seeking environmental justice in northern Brazil. The video “Iron ore, journey with no return: From the Brazilian Amazon to the German automakers” reflects on the many stages involved in the process of extraction and exportation of iron ore and the communities suffering the various impacts caused by this process. Over 50% of Germany’s iron ore imports come from Brazil, but the auto companies are not disclosing if the raw materials used for their production carry a trail of human rights abuses and environmental injustice.

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