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Bulletin 247 – December 2019

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This Bulletin articles are written by the following organizations and individuals: Missão Tabita, Mozambique; activists and researchers from India; Research Nucleus on Work, Territory and Politics in Amazonia, Brazil; The Cornerhouse, UK; and members of the WRM international secretariat.



  • An (incomplete) List of Concepts that Kill Forests

    Language is never neutral. Certain concepts have historically been used to dominate people and territories. This article highlights concepts that are usually presented in a positive light but that actually serve economic interests that harm forests and communities.

  • “The National Interest”: Neofascism in the Amazon Rainforest

    While it was easy to see the smoke from the forest fires in Brazil, it was much harder to see what was behind the Brazilian government’s smokescreen: actions that will lead the rainforest to a swift death, destroying territories, livelihoods and the diverse cultures.

  • Portucel in Mozambique: The Reality Behind the Discourse of “Sustainable Plantations”

    The company, Portucel, considers its thousands of hectares of plantations in Mozambique to be “sustainable,” despite serious problems and conflicts with and among local communities.

  • India: Women, Commons and Patriarchy

    A feminist view on Commons reveals that accumulation opposes the basic principles of sharing and sustaining: receiving from nature’s abundance is done by ensuring that needs (and not wants or greed) define the extent of extraction.

  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts: Capital’s Latest Attempts to Seize Life on Earth

    The control of genetic resources (non-human living organisms that humans can make use of) through property rights has caused a massive theft of forest peoples’ knowledge. A project called the Earth Bank of Codes aims for a global seizure of life for capital accumulation.

  • Climatology / Ideology

    Climatology’s understanding of climate is extremely biased and exclusionary, and is only one particular view. Building better alliances around climate action means recognizing that there are ongoing conflicts and tensions among different conceptions of what climate is.

  • New name for old distraction: Nature-Based Solutions is the new REDD

    The UN and conservation industry discourse and propaganda over REDD+ changed to a new forest conservation fad at the UN climate negotiations in December: Nature-Based-Solutions. Another false solution that distracts from the urgent task to keep fossil fuels in the ground.