Movimento Mundial pelas Florestas Tropicais

Informes y documentos de trabajo de FERN sobre REDD

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From Green Ideals to REDD money. A brief history of schemes to save  forests for their carbon

November 2008, 6 pages. A short overview of latest developments with some basic conclusions and recommendations

An overview of selected REDD proposals

November 2008, 24 pages. This report presents the different REDD country proposals that are currently on the table and highlights the differences between them and whether or not they are based on carbon trading and whether or not they respect rights of local communities

Cutting Corners. World Bank’s forest and carbon fund fails forests and peoples

November 2008, 24 pages. This joint FPP-FERN report analysis nine country concept notes presented to the World Bank (so called R-PINs) to get REDD money and finds that none of them has been developed in a proper consultative process, nor do they address issues as rights and governance and the whole process has been in violation of the Bank’s own procedures and guidelines.

Other FERN’s REDD related publications are available here